Established in 2008

Updated July 20th, 2017

What is the 'Joystick Turret'?

This is simply a turret that is controlled by a joystick. A lot has gone into making the joystick sensitivity intuitive. There is a switch next to the power switch that will toggle an inverted up/down axis. The turret connects to the controller with a 14' or shorter CAT5 cable. No batteries are needed. If we were to make this wireless, it would be much more expensive and much more of a hassle to set up in the field. It is designed so that a player can be behind cover while the turret is mounted on a vehicle or structure.

What can I use it for?

  • Scenario paintball/airsoft games (capture the flag, base defense, etc.)
  • Military/Law enforcement training (increased realism)
  • Any other non-lethal area defense

What is included?

Everything except the gun. Some assembly required to mount the gun. (The mount is similar to the Heavy Turret)

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