Established in 2008

Updated July 20th, 2017

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What is the 'Starter Kit'?

   If you have a turret (pan/tilt device) that uses hobby servos and has either a paintball gun, airsoft gun, water gun, nerf gun, laser, tennis ball launcher, pitching machine, video camera, or digital camera mounted on it, then the starter kit is what you would use to enable it to engage targets all by itself (as seen on the Videos and Customer Examples pages).

What can I use it for?

  • Autonomous, high-resolution security camera system
  • Scenario paintball/airsoft games (capture the flag, base defense, etc.)
  • Military/Law enforcement training (increased realism)
  • Can automate some jobs that previously required a camera man
  • Any other non-lethal area defense

More info:

   A very basic version of this system is a favorite project for HS seniors and college students. For reasons likely related to time constraints, their systems never get more advanced than where we were at way back in mid-2008 and currently, there isn't anything else out there that goes beyond that level. Since we began in 2008 we've approached the project with a much higher standard of performance. Most notably in the areas of turret calibration (how precise and accurate the aiming is) and false target filtration (the ability to ignore things like reflections and swaying trees). The more basic systems can only be used in very controlled, artificial scenarios and where accuracy isn't very important. Our system has been constantly tested outdoors in real environments and scenarios over its 4+ year development. Other unique features include:

  • Target priority logic (for handling multiple targets at once): fastest, biggest, approaching, or timed cycle
  • Advanced filtering ensuring only true targets are detected while filtering out false targets
  • Adjustable target anticipation for leading the target
  • Semi or full auto firing mode with descending round counter
  • Can save time stamped images when targets are detected for use as a security camera
  • Adjustable servo acceleration (enables smooth, human-like movement)
  • Mouse aiming mode similar to a first person shooter
  • The use of almost any video input; MJPEG streams, local video devices, webcams, and even the desktop
  • Adjustable target area and ignore areas
  • Adjustable min and max target sizes
  • Intuitive calibration and adjustment features to allow for a wide range of cameras and projectile types
  • Shape/silhouette based object recognition and discrimination
  • Camcorder mode can correctly start and stop recording of a mounted camcorder
  • 4 AA battery holder and power leads are included
  • Free software updates
  • Fast, detailed tech support

Test it yourself:

   A trial version of the software is available here. Updates are free, software modifications are free and tech support is quick and detailed.

           Sold Out
  • Software
  • USB servo controller
  • Power lead and battery holder

Shipping is usually same day or within one business day at the latest. International shipping is $24 and shipping to the US is free.