Established in 2008

Updated July 20th, 2017

What is the 'Mini Turret'?

A turret is a rotating weapon platform. It is a pan/tilt assembly that holds a non-lethal airsoft or paintball gun. This kit is an answer to many requests for a complete sentry gun. We offer these kits because currently there are no other options out there besides trying to build it yourself.

What can I use it for?

  • Scenario airsoft games (capture the flag, base defense, etc.)
  • Military/Law enforcement training (increased realism)
  • Any other non-lethal area defense

What is included?

Everything except the laptop and 8 AA batteries.

3rd Party Review

The following link is an audio interview in which one of our customers (Drew Curtis from guest appeared on a BoingBoing Gadgets podcast 11 to speak about his experience with the heavy turret. boin_boing_gadgets_podcast_11_excerpt.mp3 (full podcast with article (specifically from 9:40-16:25))

Bill of materials

  • Starter Kit: $50
  • mini UZI (modified): $25
  • Modification and assembly labor: $20
  • Pan/Tilt with base and servos (assembled from $120
  • "Battle switch" RC relay trigger: $25
  • Wiring and battery holder x2: $10
  • modified wide-angle webcam: $60
  • Labor (5+ hours): $68
  • TOTAL: $378
           Sold Out

Shipping to the USA is $30.

International shipping is sent via FedEx International Priority and is either $170 or $205 depending on the destination country.